Reaction to Kansas City Opinon Article

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a good chance that you heard about what occurred in Kansas City last weekend. To sum up, on Saturday morning, Jovan Belcher, Chief’s starting linebacker, shot and killed his girlfriend (and mother of his 3 month old daughter), drove to the Chief’s facility, apparently thanked his coaches, and shot himself right in front of them.

Like many people, I have what I’ll loosely call a “News” feed on my phone. Most mornings after checking Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends, I check the news articles to see if I missed anything exciting through the night. Sunday morning I ran into this atrocity of an article:

This article made me so very angry! Should the game have been played in Kansas City on Sunday afternoon? I do not know. It is not my decision to make, nor is it the decision of the writer of the above article. What that particular writer failed to take into account, what would NOT playing that game have said? Yes, he was their teammate, yes he killed himself, yes he did so on the premises, and in front of the coach. But, he did kill another person that morning. What kind of message would the team and the league be sending if they had canceled or delayed that game? I won’t pretend to know Mr. Belcher’s situation, and I am not trying to judge, but in the end, he was a killer. End of story. Literally. Delaying or canceling that game just may have sent an even worse message to the world. Despite the questionable pasts of some of the players throughout the league, including one of my favorite players, I do not believe that the NFL would want to be perceived as being supportive of killers. I did see that the folks in Kansas City held a “Moment of Silence” for victims of domestic violence, which I think was the absolute correct and most classy way to approach that game in the wake of everything that occurred.

I do not want to appear cold-hearted in any way. This was a tragedy, there is no question. I weep for that baby girl who lost both of her parents in mere minutes, for the girl, the woman who will never know her parents, let alone their love, guidance, and support that every child deserves. I know what it is to experience the loss of a friend. These boys in Kansas City must be hurting so badly. I wish the media would have left them alone after the game…seeing them struggle to talk about their teammate made me tear up. I feel most for Coach and the General Manager of the Chief’s organization. I know a man who walked in just seconds after a friend of his fatally shot himself, and I know what that experience did to him. He needed hospitalized. His own guns were moved out of his house…and he didn’t physically witness the act like Coach Crennel and GM Pioli. These men will need serious help, as anyone would, and it’s not something I could even imagine witnessing, let alone figuring out how to deal with. So, I am not completely cold-hearted.

Honestly, my issue is with the things that were written in this article. What made me most angry was the statement that the gentleman made where he theorized that had Mr. Belcher not had a gun in his possession, both he and his girlfriend would still be alive. Bulllllllssshitt. I’ll say it again, bullshit. Without being too cliché, guns don’t kill people, people do. Seriously. Again, I do not know the situation, I will not pretend to. But, if someone escalates to the point of killing, they are going to kill, no matter the tools available to them. If you believe the argument in the article I read, should not also knives, wires, vehicles, and any other instrument of killing be outlawed? Preposterous.

Guns are not the bad guys. BAD GUYS are the bad guys. Are there guns out there that should not be? Absolutely. Are there people that legally have guns that probably shouldn’t? Of course. I do not know enough about the current screenings required to legally obtain a firearm. Is this something that needs to be more regulated? Perhaps. Because of one instance in particular? Absolutely  not.

Attacking guns is something that absolutely sickens me. Why, you ask? When you tell me that there should be no guns, you’re telling me that my family and I should have gone hungry when I was growing up. Because of guns (and hunting season), we were able to eat, and eat well for many years. Both my parents hunted (dad still does); my grandmother hunted, myself and all of my siblings have hunted, and my aunt still hunts. I grew up around guns; while I do not currently own any, I am completely capable of handling one, and handling it safely. So don’t blame guns, blame the people who use guns to wreak the havoc.


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  1. I meant to post on this when you posted but got sidetracked.

    Agreed. I don’t know what the ‘right’ thing would be either. But I feel that that was it. If they hadn’t played, what kind of signal would that have sent? That they cared more for their teammate than the person that he murdered?

    Family members die every day (not literally) and you never see a team postpone or cancel a game because of it. Or when a team member dies. This is there job, just like any other job, people company wide depend on the company to keep running.

    I am sorry for the families and for that poor little girl who lost both of her parents in a tragic incident of domestic violence.

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