Fingernails on a Ledge

God doesn’t give you any more than you can bear.

something I have been told for years,

something I believed for years.

Clinging to my sanity by a thread,

by the barest grasp of fingernails on a ledge,

I have more than begun to wonder…

Just when things cannot get any worse,

some new fresh hell occurs,

and that grasp slips further.

I no longer know if I am holding on;

I feel I’m free falling,

I’m hitting each and every branch on my way down

With the ground nowhere in sight

Not knowing if I have a tether;

If I have a chance of surviving this fight or flight.

And if that tether holds, and snaps tight before I crash

Just how far will I bounce back?

I wonder if I have the strength to climb back up;

Over and above those branches that did bruise me,

That punishment I took on my way down.

Right now it feels impossible, and I don’t know where I am

I wonder if I’ll reach that ledge I’m barely grasping,

And climb up over it again.


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