A Corntastic Christmas

Hi there, and a Happy New Year to you! I sit here writing this on New Year’s Eve, after a grueling 8 hour drive from my parent’s to my house. My feet are aching; the right one (and the knee) from all the hours on the gas pedal, the left one from repeatedly stepping on the lovely creation that is a catnip ball that the felines got for Christmas. It really is a great toy, and they LOVE it. It’s just hard as a rock, and the size of a golf ball. Not only does it hurt when you step on it, but it’s liable to take you for a ride! I nearly killed myself that second time; in my mind’s eye, I saw myself hurtling into the fireplace, or smacking my forehead on the hearth. Luckily, that did not happen…that time anyway…

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Some things went exactly as expected, some better, some worse for me. As always, it went far too quickly, and I cannot believe it’s already over.

Somehow, on the drive home, about an hour away from the parent’s house, I ended up spending an hour in a cornfield. There was snow on the road, and I still don’t know exactly what happened. Perhaps I accelerated at the wrong time; perhaps there was ice…I’m almost sure I overcorrected, and just when I thought I could turn it around, and end up facing the direction from which I had come, I went sideways up an incline into a field. *sigh* Luckily, there were no other vehicles in the vicinity, and I nor anyone else was hurt. There was only minor damage to the car too. But, for the rest of the trip, I was more than a bit gun shy and skittish anytime I drove in the snow, which ended up being quite a few times, since we got more than a foot during my stay.

There were no awkward conversations about my writing, thank goodness. My aunt behaved on Christmas day, and her loser drug-addled son stayed away. A friend of his overdosed Christmas Eve, and he was asked to leave the funeral over the break, so perhaps he will realize his destructive behavior, and the havoc it can wreak. But, unfortunately, as smart as he is, he is ridiculously stupid, and will likely never learn.

There were two or three days of sickness for several of us, which was no fun, as none of us handles being sick and miserable very gracefully. No one does, I’m sure, but it’s never pretty for us. I suppose it could have been worse…we were not severely sick, but just miserable enough…

I had some great visits with some friends and family, all much needed. I got to watch both of the Steelers games (and some more football games) with my Dad, which, even though the boys blew their playoff chances during that first game, was a good time. I love watching Steeler Football with my dad! And, hey, we may not have gotten to the playoffs, but at least we did not having a losing season, and ended the year with a win against one of our biggest rivals. Oh man! My best friend’s hubby is a Browns fan (I have NO IDEA why) and I forgot to rib him about their loss!

The time off was definitely much needed and relaxing, even if I didn’t get to do everything that I wanted to. I had hoped to get to the Amish Antique Mall to do some fun exploring, but I realized as I drove past it on my way out of town yesterday that that had never happened. Next time, I suppose. I missed seeing some friends, missed more than one photo-taking opportunity, and only read two books. I never opened my laptop for writing purposes, despite the fact that I desperately needed to make time to do so. I hope to correct that in coming weeks.

Well, I did my best to sum up my vacation; I hope you all had a great Christmas! See you soon!


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