Character Sketch: AL

As I had a quick chat with a friend last night, I noticed, not for the first time, what a great character he could make. I jotted a few things down, and thought I’d share. Enjoy! ~ML

He is a brute of a man, if you look only at the physical. Well over 6 feet tall, broad, muscular shoulders, and always wearing cut off t-shirts to expose those muscle bound arms, with the dark tattoo contrasting so well with dark toffee skin of his near-perfect bicep. He has a massive chest, likely solid as rock, and able to easily push the hundreds of pounds of steel he can bench. Hair always in braids, and walking around with the swagger of a football player; at first glance, you almost automatically think: oaf. Not so. He walks that way because his body is built that way. Look a little closer, his eyes are kind, and he has a few crow’s feet that betray his tough-guy looks. A minute of conversation, and you realize he is intelligent, he is kind, he is caring, and sweet. He has a sense of humor, and can give a good ribbing every now and then. His voice, soft and velvety smooth, so oft reminiscent of Troy Polamalu, whose soft melodic voice betrays the monster he is while on the football field; Al is a gentle giant; you know he would keep you and anyone around safe if he could.
The hardened planes of his chest would be the perfect place for a woman to lay her head; she would be protected in his arms, whether friend, relative, or lover. Really, he’s a big teddy bear, although one should never tell him that. I suspect he could be formidable (much like Troy) if necessary, but that shies so very far from his true nature. Besides, his mere presence should be enough to deter most sane assailants.


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