State of Affairs

Wow, I see it’s been nearly a month since I last posted anything…yikes! I knew it had been a little while, but didn’t realize just how long it had been. Fear not, I’m still planning on blogging moving forward!

However, I must say, I do not know how frequently or how regularly that will be. In the last month or so, I’ve picked up an extra shift at the 2nd job, I’ve been training for new responsibilities at the full-time job, and have had to deal with wedding planning, and working on finishing a wedding gift for a sibling who is tying the knot in July. In my spare time, which is little, I’m sleeping mostly. I have quite a few beginnings of pieces; ideas I’ve begun jotting down when I have a second to think, but have yet to have the time to fully develop those pieces. It was my mission to work on one or two of those this weekend since I had two days off in a row. Sadly, that has yet to happen. I was supposed to do so very many things in these couple days, and none of it has been done, really. I’m sorely lacking in energy and time, and truly fear what has to be an imminent crash. It will not be pretty, I know that much.

As I am able, I will do everything I can to get a blog piece out; I just cannot promise regularity, I’m afraid. If I had my way, I’d write every day, but unfortunately, work, laundry, and sleep must take precedence.

Hope to be talking to y’all again soon!
~Melina Leigh


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