2014 Already??

Well, the whole posting twice a week obviously didn’t happen. Shortly after I had planned to begin, my hours got drastically cut at the 2nd job, which forced me to pick up a 3rd job, at least for the holidays. The last 7 weeks before my Christmas vacation were a blur of work, work, and more work, sleep, and caffeine. My main only goal during that time was to stay upright and functional, which, surprisingly, I did, with very little snapping (people’s heads off) on my part.

I had hoped to get some writing done over Christmas, but somehow, I blinked, and that break was gone, and many things I had hoped to do, did not get done.

Well, it’s now 2014. I don’t do resolutions, it’s just not my thing. I do have several goals, and a huge to do list on my plate. I MUST get this house cleaned. Seven weeks of working 3 jobs did not do any favors for the disaster area this place already was! I NEED to decide what I want to do with the next chapter of my life. I NEED to figure out what it is I want to do, or what I may be qualified for, and I NEED to try to figure out where I want to live. Not easy decisions, and I honestly have no idea whatsoever on just how I might decide all of these things. But, it needs to be done. Living so far from friends and family is just not acceptable any longer.

So, where does that leave my writing? Well, not at the top of the list, unfortunately. But, it is very much a visible part of my list. I just cannot commit to a frequency right now. There is just too much else I must handle, plus I am still working 2 jobs, so it could get a little hairy. Right now, I am simply focusing on the few daily tasks I give myself, and move forward from there. That’s all I can commit to at the moment. Hopefully things will all fall into place, and I can focus on my writing often and soon….fingers crossed.  ~ML


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