I still think of you often,

But more so this week

My heart still aches, it still breaks

A little each time I picture

your sweet face.

I still miss you,

I still grieve for you,

But more quietly now.

No longer drowning in despair,

In regret, in how unbelievably unfair

It is that you were taken too soon.

Tears threaten a time or two,

And occasionally they may fall,

But sobs no longer wrack

My body through the night.

I will always carry a bit

Of grief and regret with me;

I will always have a massive scar

On my heart, for all that was,

For all that could have been,

For all that you were.

And time may not heal all wounds,

But one can begin to recover

From those harshest wounds of grief.

They may seep from time to time,

But it becomes a bittersweet release.

I still have regrets,

I still wish you would reappear,

If only in my dreams.

I still love you,

I always will.

I carry you with me

You still…you will

Always have a place in my heart

A heart that has finally

Put most of its shattered

Pieces back together again.

Just as you would have wanted;

It’s still…it’s all about you.


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