Without warning, a rush of emotion, and before realizing it, the tears spill

A waterfall filled with regret, sorrow and terror

Terrified that this is that very last chance

Terrified the chance will slip through her fingers once again

Fearful of losing something as beautiful as what she let pass by in youth

Terrified of being wrong, that the chances she squandered

Were all she was allotted to find happiness, to find that One Love

Afraid to put her faith in a man

Who may not look at her the way she looks at him

She pleads with the Love she lost for guidance

For a sign that she has found someone

With a heart like his

Asking that he guard her heart from herself,

For help from the heavens

As if he could reach down and guide her

Right where she should be looking

She wants another gem such as he

And she wonders if she has found it

Whether or not she has, she is terrified

Because she knows

She knows how quickly it could all be torn away

She  barely survived losing him

She can’t imagine living with that pain again

Surely, it would destroy her


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