As real as if it
Had actually happened;
No ethereal mist
Swirling around us
Nothing outrageous
Or out of the ordinary,
Just simple, comfortable
Muted conversation…
A feeling of true belonging,
Of acceptance, 
Of unencumbered being

A break in conversation,
A collective sigh…
He slowly leans into me
Tentatively, softly, sweetly
Touching my lips with his…
Two whole and beautiful moments
Burned forever in my mind.
My hand now cradles his face,
His arms bracketing around me…
He pulls back,
Touches his forehead to mine,
And breathes the words
Occurring to us both…
“should we even be doing this…? ”

Hours later as dawn light
Invades sweet slumber,
I awake with a blissful smile,
Reveling in the after…
Until I get my bearings…
” Dream… ” I murmur
As it steals my breath away


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